“Truth, Power, and Objectivity in the History of Medicine”

October 13-14, 2017

Johns Hopkins University

Friday, October 13th–Welch Library, 2nd Floor West Reading Room

5-6pm—Meet and Greet Reception
Opening Remarks: Jeremy Greene

6-7pm—Keynote: Mary Fissell

7-8:30pm—Faculty Panel: Graham Mooney, Gianna Pomata, Nathaniel Comfort

Saturday, October 14th–PCTB, Classroom 115

8-8:30—Breakfast (Greenhouse Café)

8:30-10:15—Panel 1: Knowing Across Boundaries
Chair: Gianna Pomata
Commentator: Sam Scharff

“Epidemic Theology: Knowing Plague in Early Modern England” Spencer Weinreich, Princeton University

“Female Medical Testimony in the Colonial Court: Maria das Neves denounces her husband before the Goan Inquisition (1608-1611)​” Anna Weerasinghe, Johns Hopkins University

“The Mercurial Gaze: Distinctly Trainable Students, Measurement, and Mental Deficiency at the Elwyn Training School, 1940-1960” Leah Samples, University of Pennsylvania

10:15-10:30—Coffee Break

10:30-12:15—Panel 2: Recovering Lost Voices in the Medical Record
Chair: Randall Packard
Commentator: Ayah Nuriddin

“Patient Does Not Speak”: Extracting Patient Voices from Social Service Records at Presbyterian Hospital in New York.” Yoka Tomita, Columbia University

“Very Depressed Since the Air Raids…Women and War Trauma on the Home Front, 1914-1918” Bridget Keown, Northeastern University

“‘She Can Be Consulted with the Strictest Confidence’: Abortion and Women’s Reproductive Knowledge in Antebellum New York City.” Caitlin Lansing, Johns Hopkins University

12:15-1:15—Lunch / Steering Committee Meeting (Greenhouse Café)

1:15-3:30—Panel 3: Power at a Distance
Chair: Graham Mooney
Commentator: Kirsten Moore-Sheeley

“The Constitution of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Taiwan during Japanese Colonization (1895-1945)” HungYin Tsai, Virginia Tech

“Confronting the Crimson Killer: A Critical Examination of Pellagra Eradication in Arkansas” Corbin Stinnett, University of Arkansas

“Protestant Missionaries and the Medicalization of Madness in Fin de Siècle Mount Lebanon.” Hratch Kestenian, CUNY

“Racing Nerves: Ethnicity, Trauma, and Military Psychiatry in the Wartime British Empire” Hilary Buxton, Rutgers University

3:30-3:45—Coffee Break

3:45-5:30—Panel 4: Questioning the Objectivity of Objects
Chair: Yulia Frumer
Commentator: Heidi Morefield

“Just Clean It: National Negro Health Week and Why Fresh Paint Signified Good Health in 1915” Paul Braff, Temple University

“Branding and Medical Authority: The Use of Trade Marks in the Medical Marketplace 1870-1920” Laura Mainwaring, University of Leicester

“In Search of a ‘Good Nipple’: The Risk and Use of Lead Nipple Shields” Deborah Streahle, Yale University

5:30-6:30—Closing Reception, Institute for the History of Medicine (Welch Library, 3rd Floor)